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Riding is our passion!

Nature is our love!

Our young but ambitious club for cycling, mountaineering and eco culture is synonymous for youth, enthusiasm and love for cycling and nature. We started spontaneously, as a young group of friends who shared the same cycling passion as a healthy lifestyle and the excitement of winning every new mile of new areas.

Certainly the ultimate satisfaction is the positive energy from all our fellowship and new friendships which in the future will be increasingly deepened.

The mission of our club is to popularize and promote extreme biking in our area and of course once again to show that the Ohrid Lake and its shoreline are truly gift from God. And unique panoramas of Jablanica and Galicica mount will stop your breath and leave you to enjoy without saying any word.

The main objectives of the Association for sports activities „ЗШ ТОЧАК“ are:

Ø Promotion of physical culture;

Ø To expand the sport spirit among its members and activists;

Ø To educate its members and other interested persons about various sports disciplines for recreational sports, especially cycling, ecological culture, hiking, hunting and fishing, extreme sports, etc.;

Ø To develop particular stamina, resourcefulness, modesty, friendship and self-initiative to its members

Ø To create conditions for residence in nature, particularly in mountain

Ø In the spirit of human solidarity and friendship through related associations to work for closer ties with other associations;

Ø Access to the Union by the appropriate area.